Collection: Lose weight with Tyrexin™

The popular diet product Tyrexin™ from Formula Swiss has helped more than 38,000 customers in Switzerland lose weight since 2013.

With regular use, you can achieve the following within 2-4 weeks. *

  • Increase your weight loss.
  • Boost your metabolism.
  • Lower your BMI.
  • Prevents fat absorption.
  • For the treatment of obesity.

Up to five times more weight loss than diet alone.

Product Information

Our key ingredients are citrus pectin, seaweed extract and green tea. They all have proven health benefits.

How does citrus pectin help you lose weight?

Tyrexin contains citrus pectin, a fibre that binds to water and expands in the stomach, creating the sensation of fullness. This swelling property promotes digestion and helps you lose weight as your stomach feels full. Citrus pectins are a natural part of our diets but we may not get enough of them daily. They are high in carbohydrates that bind to bile acids and other fats and cholesterol, reducing the amount absorbed from food.

New research shows that seaweed helps with weight loss.

Previously seaweed-based supplements were slimy, caused bloating, and had a fishy taste. Tyrexin is different, it contains a seaweed extract powder that will not leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. It expands in your stomach to form a gel that mimics the effects of having a large meal leaving you full for hours without the feeling of an empty stomach.

Tyrexin boosts your weight loss with green tea.

Green tea is a natural plant extract that contains some amazing health benefits. It is well known for its weight-loss abilities, but it can also do a lot more than that! If green tea is not part of your life yet, you are missing out on many potential benefits such as reduced cholesterol, increased metabolism, and boosting your immune system. Tyrexin is the easy solution to add green tea and all of its benefits to your daily routine.

Lose weight. Gain Confidence.

The Perfect Solution to say goodbye to belly fat.